Oculus Rift officially launches tomorrow, March 28, 2016. Remember that date. It will go down as a watershed moment or another beginning of an end for VR. It’s obvious what my money’s on.

The Facebook-owned Oculus began pre-orders about three months ago, and Kickstarter backers have been patiently waiting since 2012 – I’d be patient too of I got the development and retail version for under $300. In fact, Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, hand delivered the fist retail pre-order to some lucky dude in Alaska.

You can still pre-order a Rift today, but you’ll have to wait until June to take delivery. That’s ok, though. Let others work out the bugs and start preparing or building your VR ready PC. Check out today’s VR deals for some decent GPU price drops and pick up a budget VR headset to hold you over until yours arrives.

If your Oculus arrives tomorrow, make sure to comment with first impressions.

Oculus Rift Launch: Modern VR Begins

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