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Early Thursday morning Straight Talk, a popular prepaid cell service provider owned by Walmart, posted a redemption page for a free Samsung Gear VR headset with new purchases of Galaxy S7 smartphones.

To qualify purchases must be made within the below eligible dates . The redemption period starts on April 28th The site didn’t offer any insight into delivery dates. and customers will receive their Gear VR in the mail in approximately 4 – 6 weeks after their claim is validated – no indication was given as to how long that will take.

You must purchase from or

This offer is very similar to Samsung’s S7 pre-order offer that ended this past March. Customers began receiving redemption approval emails around April 7th and Samsung indicated that headsets might not ship until this Summer. That promotion ended on March 18th with redemption by March 31st. It’s safe to assume this offer will follow a similar timeline.

Eligible purchase dates: 4/20/16 – 5/15/16 5/6/16 – 5/15/16

Buy your Samsung Galaxy S7 at

Straight Talk Offering Free Samsung Gear VR Headsets for and Purchases
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2 thoughts on “Straight Talk Offering Free Samsung Gear VR Headsets for and Purchases

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  • August 9, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    It’s been like 2.5 months now and still haven’t received my headset. I boutique a more expensive phone because it was suppose to come with it. This is turning out to be a scam for more money and if I don’t hear from somebody soon as this is the third time I’ve tried contacting walmart, I am going to be done shopping with them.


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