and Virtual & Augmented Reality, a not so odd Trio.

Most people don’t have 3D printers, but the printing community is larger than you think. It’s neat that so many people are creating and sharing 3D printable VR accessories, but I’m most surprised with the intuitive ways the VR/AR and 3D printing communities have mixed to create. Chances are if you’re an early adopter of VR, you’re likely into other fun techie stuff like 3D printing.

Chances are if you’re an early adopter of VR or AR, you’re likely into other fun techie stuff like 3D printing.

Perhaps you’re looking for another reason to purchase your first 3D printer or maybe you’re like me, a lover of all neat stuff. From 3D printed mobile viewers to Augmenting the printing process, Thinkiverse’s community of designers and 3D printing enthusiasts are discovering, making, and sharing 3D printable VR things and using AR while doing it.

3D Printing and Augmented Reality:

Check out this excellent implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) that assists in the 3D printing process. UltimARker allows users to superimpose, on a tablet or smartphone, the final 3D printed object while printing. Neat. Accomplished using the Junaio app (somewhat available for both Android and iOS), the now depreciated AR browser was purchased by Apple. But don’t fret, you can still download the app with some savvy searching skills. Besides, Apple bought them so conceivably Junaio will show up in Safari sometime soon.

It’s relatively straightforward but, introduces another example of how AR can enhance everyday activities in very simple ways. Perhaps you have multiple printers, a mature version of this concept would allow a user to monitor what is being printed on a given printer. How about dynamic designing? It could allow for real-time changes to refine a product while in production.

UltimARker: [Virtual] Reality… by joris

From virtual to reality…!! Next step in the merger of 3D printing and augmented reality: the “Ultimarker”. See it in action: UPDATE: 3D file of the marker included so you can print and mount it directly on the right position.

Moving on, we get to 3D printed VR accessories and components. I’ve compiled some highlights for your viewing pleasure. Head over to for literally hundreds of Virtual Reality related designs.

Mobile Viewers:

OpenDive 3d Virtual Reality Goggles by opendive

The OpenDive Revision 2.1 The unity Plugin for Games Development with the OpenDive is out: June 2013: version 2.1 Changes: made some adjustments to make it print better rearranged the Items to make it printable on smaller platforms. made the Belt Clips stronger and more parametric.

Virtual Reality Goggles for Android Smartphone by Croccy22

After looking around the MTBS3D Forums I stumbled across a design of a 3D printable mask to allow you to use your Android phone as a VR 3D HMD. (Original can be found here:

VR Headset for the OnePlus One Flagship Killer by AZ360VR

Virtual Reality Headset. Check Play Store for VR Apps. Best App for movies is called “GoShow”. High time to get rid of your IPhone! Please go to the new new version : UPDATE! Added the file static_lenses.stl for fixed lens distance. UPDATE2! Added the file lenses_alt.stl with slightly a different thread style and clearance.

Oculus Rift Accessories:

Oculus Rift tactile keyboard tops by Chri21

I’ve experienced the 3D virtual reality googles Oculus Rift now for 4 weeks and had one particular problem: How can I find the correct key that I need on my keyboard when I don’t see anything? So I came up with a cheap €12 USB numerical pad and some on-top keys which have clear differences in haptics and feelings.

Oculus DK2 Holder by ShadowRam

Brackets for storing your DK2 in a position to keep dust off the lenses

Leap Motion Cable Door Mount for Oculus DK2 by LeapMotion

Designed to replace the standard cable door on the Oculus Rift DK2, the Leap Motion Cable Door Mount lets you easily attach and remove the Leap Motion Controller without the use of adhesive. For use with the Leap Motion VR tracking beta. Further information and resources available at

Oculus Rift VR headset accessory mounts by calebkraft

Quick clip on mout for putting hydra/ webcams on the front of the oculus rift VR headset One piece clips onto the front and is easily removable. this has mounting spots for velcro or the camera mount attachment. The camera mount attachment can be slid into the keyholes on the face plate.

Oculus Rift Dk2 Removable Glasses Adapter/Holder by t00fatt

These are removable prescription eyeglass lens holders for the current DK2 (MUST BE USED WITH THE DK2’S “B” LENSES). These were made to fit my own lenses from an old pair of glasses, so the “B” STLs will likely need to be modified to fit your own lenses.

Oculus DK2 camera lens cap by CaptCanadaMan

Very simple friction fit lens cap for the camera that comes with the Oculus Rift DK2.

HTC Vive Accessories:

HTC Vive controller stand and charging station by SG-O

This is a stand for the Vive’s controllers.It can be used as a simple stand or as a charging station. There are several add ins available that allow different Micro USB cables to be mounted in the stand to convert it into a charging station.

HTC Vive base station tripod mounting plate by SG-O

This is a simple plate for mounting your Vive base station (Lighthouse) on a tripod. There are three models available: A 45 degree, a 37.5 degree and 30 degree version. Chose the one suitable for your setup.

Vive Battery Cover by rayleung

Replacement Battery Cover for HTC Vive Controller

HTC Vive controller wall mount by SG-O

This is a simple wall mount that allows you to neatly store your Vive controllers. There are two versions available: The standard version has place for both controllers but is quite large. The single version takes only a single controller, but is much easier to print.

That’s just a sample. Hop on over to to see more.

Thingiverse: Supplement 3D Printing with AR While Printing Headsets and VR Accessories
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    3D printing and Virtual Reality go hand in hand because of the 3D design tools needed to make the models. I can foresee a future where 3D designers are well in demand.


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