Reality Shifting tugs the heart strings. In fact, it might just be our duty to catalog events in 360 video, for humanity.

Virtual Reality Nostalgia

Close your eyes. Recall a moment in your distant past that was very powerful – the birth of your first child, the last time you spoke with your grandmother, or maybe a childhood moment that you replay in your head often. How amazing would it be to sit down with your 5-year-old self while opening Christmas gifts with your father that passed years ago?

This is the power of Virtual Reality; this is Reality Shifting.


Imagine experiencing a moment, that for previous generations only existed in memory, as if it were happening again. These moments, for the first time in history, can be relived and we can start doing it today.

This is something we can do now, for our kids and for humanity.

Using consumer ready 360 cameras, families can memorialize events in almost the exact form as the original, the world can be immersed in a far off planet (assuming we equip a probe with a 360 camera), fans can re-attend an epic concert, [insert any significant moment here]. I think you get my point. The concept that divides 360 and traditional video is presence, your mind and body’s capability to be tricked into believing you’re actually experiencing what your eyes are seeing.

Reality Shifting is time travel. No really, it is.

Now, I know many like to split hairs and cry that 360 video isn’t Virtual Reality, but I have news for the 360 haters – these videos are intended to be viewed using Virtual Reality headsets, and although the cameras capture live action video, they are digitally rendered for someone else wherever they may be. Whether you like it or not 360 video is a part of the Virtual Reality world.

There’s much more to Virtual Reality than gaming.

Reality Shifting is powerful; you can shift your reality, some else’s reality, or an object’s reality. Become a professional football player, sit next to Reverand Kyle while he rants and recording his podcast, or simply revisit a moment from your recent trip to Rome.

While reading this I hope you thought of moments you’d love to relive. Imagine enabling your children to do just that years from now. Capture your next bedtime story so when you’re long gone your son or daughter can sit next to you once again.

Products like the Ricoh Theta S or the Samsung Gear 360 are just the tip of the iceberg. Standby and get ready to capture memories like never before.

The 1 Thing That Will Compel Everyone to Embrace Virtual Reality
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