It’s time to claim Reality Shifting for Virtual Reality

Reality Shifting is, as defined by

reality shift (ree al’ i tee shift), n. 1. the manifestation of objects appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting. 2. changes in the way we experience time. 3. any sudden, abrupt alteration of physical reality with no apparent physical cause. 4. the source of synchronicity.

The term has existed in supernatural and spiritual circles for quite some time. It makes sense that Reality Shifting would naturally associate with Virtual Reality. In the spirit, no pun intended, of its current definition they’re  closely related – with VR bringing it into reality (pun? whoops). How does VR do this? Consider technologies like VideoStitch’s Vahana VR and NextVR, platforms that stream live VR video. While those solutions are geared toward professionals and require a capable and expensive camera/rig, consumer 360 cameras like RICOH THETA S and 360Fly (Specifically their partnership with Livit) enable anyone to live stream their videos.  Although these solutions are far from perfect and have small learning curve, they exist and are there for use by any willing consumer (with the disposable income). Ultimately they provide a real way for people to Reality Shift, not to say that the spiritual and supernatural way isn’t real, but in regards to a populous’ ability to understand and participate.

‘Family members can Reality Shift and attend birthday parties, weddings, and other life events thousands of miles away.’

Consumers and businesses can now live stream any event. Family members can Reality Shift and attend birthday parties, weddings, and other life events thousands of miles away. The disabled can experience things well beyond what their doctor’s ordered. There’s speculation that Coachella, a wildly popular music festival, plans on live streaming to ticketholders using supplied custom Google Cardboard headset. The headset is confirmed, but it’s unclear if they will offer a live stream.

What’s most compelling about claiming Reality Shifting – like place shifting, time shifting, and space shifting – is the ability to highlight VR applications outside of gaming, currently a major limiter to VR/AR going mainstream. Check out this post where I offer my take on the communication impasse between the VR/AR industry and consumers.

So, is it time to claim Reality Shifting? Is it too soon? Do users need to be able to physically touch the reality that’s shifted, or is that teleportation? What are your thoughts?

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