April 3-9: The Week in Review for Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Like last week, this week’s headliner involves the shipment of a modern VR headset as the HTC Vive started landing on the doorsteps. Other highlights include Samsung Gear 360 price, VideoStitch’s Orah 4i announced, and a Smart Contact Lens patent filed by Samsung.

April 3: Gear VR Supports Web’s Native VR Format

April 4: NVIDIA Launches VR Ready, The Masters Broadcast in 360 Video, Disney Offers Jungle Book-VR Experience, London Heathrow VR Experience

April 5: HTC Vive Ships, Ikea Launches VR Kitchen Design

April 6: VideoStitch Announces Orah 4i, Samsung Patents Smart Contact Lens – Gear Blink

April 7: GoPro Omni-Rig, Samsung Gear 360 Price Revealed, NCAA National Championship Game 360 Video Live Stream

As always, if I missed something please public shame me in the comments.



VR & AR Week in Review: HTC Vive Ships, Orah 4i, Gear 360 Price, & more
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