EightOnes V2 VR Kit @ all-time Low! Inspired By Google Cardboard V2, iPhone, and Android up to 6 inches Screen (Black)

Eightones VR Headset
Eightones VR Headset

EightOnes is my favorite Google Cardboard manufacture, and their latest version is now on sale for $17.99, an all-time low.

Eightones produces high-quality cardboard-based VR smartphone viewers. This particular model typically fetches $22+. The captive touch button is an upgrade from previous versions, and the assembly has been streamlined – which, for most cardboard designs, can get tricky. Rated at 4.5/5 with Android and iPhone compatibility up to a 6inch screen, you can’t go wrong with this headset.

A third-party Amazon.com seller is selling this model, so there’s likely limited stock.

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Deal Alert: Google Cardboard EightOnes VR Kit at All-time Low!

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