For a limited time get two Samsung Gear VR ready Galaxy S7s (or S7 Edge) for the price of one or $100 off + free overnight shipping.

Make your way over to my recent post where I explain why the Samsung Gear VR is the best full-featured budget Virtual Reality headset, then get over to Verizon’s website and pick up a VR ready Galaxy device. If you’re itching to grab a Samsung Gear VR and are in need of a new compatible Galaxy phone, now might be a good time to make your move. These deals are all for a limited time and make sure you get free overnight shipping and order before April 7th. Who said you need to spend $800+ to experience Virtual Reality?

From now until April 13th new device payment activations are eligible for two Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge for the price of one.

Buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge or Galaxy S7. Get one free. New device payment activation req’d per device.

If you don’t need two phones, you can get $100 off the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge until April 13th.

Get $100 back when you buy a Galaxy s7 or S7 Edge. New smartphone device payment activation req’d. Upgrades excluded. $100 bill credit applied in 1-2 billing cycles.

Gobble these deals up before April 7th and get free overnight shipping too!

Deal Alert: BOGO or $100 off Samsung Gear VR Ready Galaxy S7 (or S7 Edge)

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