In case you missed it, I’ve compiled the NCAA’s March Madness 360 videos from the National Championship Game.

Technically they aren’t 360 videos,  in actuality, they only capture about 180 degrees of motion video. While you can explore the full 360 sphere, the other half is black with the words “National Championship is on TBS.” Also, they aren’t VR video renderings, just the 360 video. I’m working on grabbing the VR headset video, stay tuned.

Nonetheless, they’re still very entertaining – especially the buzzer beater.


The net cutting, a tradition that dates back to 1947.


Quite possibly the best finish in NCAA basketball history.


Other clips from throughout the game.



Bonus video, not 360 but a great shot.

Check out the NCAA’s March Madness Facebook page for more videos and coverage of this year’s historic championship game.



Recap: Check out the NCAA National Championship Game’s 360 Videos Here

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