Augmented and Virtual Reality will bring new life to old products and services.

As Virtual and Augmented Reality’s trend continues its steep ascension, a lot of focus is on the new developments in hardware and software. Naturally we want new and exciting technology, and rightfully so. But with the recent launch of VR roller coasters, software that allows all Steam games viewable in a VR environment and AR business cards (using software like ENTiTi), the undercurrent fueling much of this advancement is a business’ ability to repurpose old products.

Old is New
Repurposing in it’s purest form.

Six Flags didn’t build new roller coasters, they slapped Samsung Gear VRs on riders and remarketed it as a new product. I picture thousands of undergrads killing time and conversations going something like this: “Remeber <insert random old Steam game>, that was fun. Let’s fire it up again, but this time in VR theater desktop.” Perhaps those old business cards have an interesting new feature. Brick and mortar will be redefined and reoccupied, not vacated and demolished. With fewer people stocking shelves, less waste and security easily managed, setting up virtual showrooms in physical spaces will be attractive. People can shop, interact, and have that gratifying action of walking out with a product.

Sure, these examples require new headsets and new software, but as VR/AR reaches that tipping point – where the masses embrace the industry – upcycling will be the nudge needed to go over the edge. After all, we love repurposing things – businesses and individuals alike. It creates efficiencies that will drive costs down all while building an incredible customer experience.

Then there’s traveling in time via TimeLooper, which could be considered repurposing of time. That’s a whole different discussion. For now, comment and let me know what type of repurposing you envision for VR or AR.

In a VR/AR World, What’s Old is New #UpCycling
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